Pet Mommies Beware

Pet Mommies Beware

As a proud pet parent to my two beautiful, canines, Samantha & Jake, I am deeply concerned why the law has failed to protect me. It has come to my attention that although I purchase only the pet food of only superior quality and Made in USA (so I thought) from reputable manufactures that the law allows them to deceive me and the America public!....

Do I have your attention? Well, I hope so. I found out that the major companies that say they Do not source from China, in fact purchase from a US companies that DO source from China. What a messy and deceptive industry! This should not be prohibited in any sense.

Take a look at this Recall list. I printed out the canine filter only and it took 34 Pages! See here for a detailed look:

Sincerely, Lisa Belvedere-Santini