The Proposal

The Proposal

So, last weekend was the 30th birthday of my girlfriend, Amber Hill -- who, incidentally, is also an artist on Etsy ( www.etsy.com/shop/EtherealStudios ). To celebrate, I decided to take her to the Denver Zoo, one of her favorite places.

I wanted to make our destination a surprise, so I put a blindfold on her shortly before arriving. Then, I led her around the park outside the Zoo for awhile. When we got to a good spot, I replaced the blindfold with some headphones and handed her my iPad. I then played a video that I had compiled for her, featuring all of her closest friends from around the country, all wishing her happy birthday. What she didn't know was that I had also flown all these wonderful friends into town for the weekend, and they were all creeping up behind us! When the video was over, I turned her around, and everyone yelled "surprise" and gave her a giant group hug. She was completely overwhelmed and overjoyed! And that's when I pulled out the box, got on one knee, opened it up, and proposed! It was the culmination of several weeks of planning, and everything went just perfectly. (And yes, she accepted!)

The box will be used in our wedding, and it will always be a special keepsake in our home. Thank you again!

Eric Harms & Amber Hill