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Audrey Road Boutique

Come see what summer has in store for you... Thursday, June 27, 2013 from 6-10pm

Intuitive psychic reader Laura will be here to enlighten you......refreshments will satisfy you and our eclectic mix of new and vintage collections will put a smile on your face.

We also welcome local jewelry designer Lisa Belvedere-Santini from White Tulip Boutique w many of her one-of-a-kind jewelry designs.

So, grab your friends and come on by...


Kelly & Osama's Wedding

Well this spring was a bit of a whirlwind. In late December 2012 I was living in Chicago and was blessed to get engaged to an Egyptian living in St Louis. I moved to St Louis and started a job in St Louis at the end of January and we set the date for our Chicago reception on 4/14/13 to be in a small private room at Reza's (a middle-eastern restaurant) in Oak Brook (a Chicago suburb). Two weeks before the Chicagoland reception, we would be returning from a 3-week trip from Egypt which was to include a wedding celebration and a 1-week honeymoon. And in February we had to get legally married so the Egyptian consulate would have enough time to prep our legal paperwork for Egypt. Our timeline was clearly short since we only had a 3.5 month engagement before our Chicagoland reception and would be gone 3 weeks during that time and I was starting a new job and moving into my new apartment, but honestly, I never got stressed - because the worst that could happen is that a detail that people didn't even know about would be missing for the reception. You can read the full amazing love story on my Facebeook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/White-Tulip-Boutique

From White Tulip Boutique
From White Tulip Boutique


Pet Mommies Beware

Pet Mommies Beware

As a proud pet parent to my two beautiful, canines, Samantha & Jake, I am deeply concerned why the law has failed to protect me. It has come to my attention that although I purchase only the pet food of only superior quality and Made in USA (so I thought) from reputable manufactures that the law allows them to deceive me and the America public!....

Do I have your attention? Well, I hope so. I found out that the major companies that say they Do not source from China, in fact purchase from a US companies that DO source from China. What a messy and deceptive industry! This should not be prohibited in any sense.

Take a look at this Recall list. I printed out the canine filter only and it took 34 Pages! See here for a detailed look:

Sincerely, Lisa Belvedere-Santini


The Proposal

The Proposal

So, last weekend was the 30th birthday of my girlfriend, Amber Hill -- who, incidentally, is also an artist on Etsy ( www.etsy.com/shop/EtherealStudios ). To celebrate, I decided to take her to the Denver Zoo, one of her favorite places.

I wanted to make our destination a surprise, so I put a blindfold on her shortly before arriving. Then, I led her around the park outside the Zoo for awhile. When we got to a good spot, I replaced the blindfold with some headphones and handed her my iPad. I then played a video that I had compiled for her, featuring all of her closest friends from around the country, all wishing her happy birthday. What she didn't know was that I had also flown all these wonderful friends into town for the weekend, and they were all creeping up behind us! When the video was over, I turned her around, and everyone yelled "surprise" and gave her a giant group hug. She was completely overwhelmed and overjoyed! And that's when I pulled out the box, got on one knee, opened it up, and proposed! It was the culmination of several weeks of planning, and everything went just perfectly. (And yes, she accepted!)

The box will be used in our wedding, and it will always be a special keepsake in our home. Thank you again!

Eric Harms & Amber Hill


Please see Etsy Virtual Bridal Show 5 of 5 for White Tulip Boutique Birds Nest Party Favor.
Click link to the post that features my shop: bellememorie.com/2013/04/07/etsy-virtual-bridal-show-favors-5-of-5/
Please see the wedding party gifts section of the Etsy Virtual Bridal Show has posted one of my bridesmaids’ necklaces.
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Great news – see todays BRIDES

Great news – see todays BRIDES site:
for White Tulip Boutique Jewelry credit.

Very exciting! I contacted the photographer in hopes for more close-up pics to share.