4 Reasons to Use a Wedding Hashtag

Wedding hashtags have been trending and last few years and will only get more popular in 2016. Using a unique hashtag is a fun way to engage your wedding guests and carve out your own little space on the social web. Plus, informing your guests of your hashtag offers countless rustic-chic decor opportunities — think cute chalkboard signs or a special addition to your escort card display.  If you’re considering using a wedding hashtag, allow us to share five reasons we think you should do it:

1. It’s the simplest way to keep track of all the photos taken at your wedding.
Yes, the pictures your professional photographer takes will likely be the ones you frame and cherish forever. But there’s nothing quite like scrolling through Instagram with your new husband or wife the morning at your nuptials and reliving the wedding. Plus, there are plenty of moments your photographer won’t catch — your college roommate smooching your new brother-in-law, perhaps? — that your friends will capture and post online. A hashtag is a great way to ensure you see your wedding from every angle.

2. It’s a chance to use your new last name.
If you’re changing your name after marriage, using a wedding hashtag is a fun way to use your new last name for the first time. We promise you’ll get a kick out of seeing #mrandmrsgrant all over Instagram.

3. It’s an opportunity to show off your creative, silly side.
Yes, you could use a straightforward hashtag like #jamieandgenewedding, but why not get creative and try something like #newcloudsontheblock or #FaheyEverAfter? Have fun with it! It’s a hashtag, not your wedding vows, so you don’t have to take it too seriously.

4. Your hashtag can be used for a fun guest scavenger hunt.
Scratching your head over this one? Allow us to explain. Some creative couples have taken the wedding hashtag and turned it into an interactive photo-capturing scavenger hunt for guests. Here’s how it works: On each of your tables, or at each guest plate, place a list of photos your guests can “hunt” for at the reception. After capturing each image, they can post them to Instagram with your wedding hashtag. Your guests will have fun snapping photos at your reception, and you’ll have a great set of pictures from your friends’ perspectives.

Fun hashtags to use on your wedding day:
Your name & wedding date – example: #smithwedding7514
Your new last name – example: #mr&mrsgrant
Your wedding location – example: #threelakeswiwedding